Projecting  African Values


Projecting  African Values



MO AFRICA LTD is a registered media hub headquartered in London United Kingdom. It manages MO Africa News, MO Television , MO Radio, Stay Radio, Tie Radio, and Active Radio.

It has talented professionals who all come together as one big creative family to offer great media experience. The Company provide services in Broadcasting, Advertising Promotions, Documentaries, Jingle Productions and Technical installations.

MO AFRICA OnlineDigital news platfrom is dedicated to highlighting the splendour of the Africa Continent with it associated radical trend of world class modern developmental advancement.

MO Africa presents news as it happens on the African continent and the diaspora with staples from around the world. This site also projects plausible achievements by African Leaders and Citizens to the outside world.

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"MO" means "Well-Done" in Nzema language spoken in the Western Region of Ghana.